dancing in summer rain (amber’s beginning)


“Kara, Kara, Kara, Kara, Kara” rings through my head like a school girl since the day that door opened full of sunshine and her. Every moment I never even thought about loving her turned into ten years worth of knowing coming back to me in half a blink because there she was. And here we were. We both smiled wide eyed what-just-happened smiles and she walked in with her bags, kids scurried around us and I sat down to catch my breath.

That moment…it felt like sneaking out to dance in summer rain, heart racing, face full of water, and body full of warmth, feet spinning, arms wide and the whole world a dizzy wonder.

Ten years…how had I known her ten years and not spent every second madly in love? That regret tugged at my heart for about a minute only to be replaced inexplicably with all the certainty in the world that we were meant to be together since forever and now we would. I wasn’t worried much about forever right then though; if I’m honest I was much too distracted by the more present and pressing concern – “How do I get my arms around her?”

A girls’ weekend, that’s what I’d signed up for, well the three of us had. All in separate but equally shitty times of our lives, we’d decided an off-season getaway to the beach would cure what ailed us, or at least soothe it for a bit. We’d spend Thursday night at Bridget’s and drive out Friday to spend the weekend catching up and soaking up the sun while the ocean crashed on the shore. There would be drinks, there would be laughing and late night conversations, maybe some dancing and all the other good things girls’ weekends normally entail…

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