every single day forever.

This life. It’s wonderful and amazing and beautiful, freeing and healing and empowering. It’s more than I ever thought I deserved. And sometimes it’s hard, too. There’s a really isolating thing that happens with social media, especially if you’re having a hard day or a hard week or struggling with hard decisions; it looks and feels like you’re the only one, like everybody else is living magical lives full of smiles and sunshine and laughter.

I felt that so intensely when my marriage was falling apart…like I was the only idiot in the world who couldn’t manage to be happily married. The truth was, I wasn’t alone. When I finally posted about our divorce, the messages rolled in. I was shocked and so grateful to know that it wasn’t just me, that there were other women in the same or similar positions. I guess I offer these words to say, if you’re feeling isolated or sad or like a failure, you’re not alone. We all have hard days. Sometimes they stretch into hard weeks or months or even years. And that’s okay. It’s okay for things to not be perfect every second of every day, because the hard days just make the good ones that much sweeter.

One thing I know: I’ll take every single day of this life with her, the hard ones, the easy ones, the ones full of tears and the ones full of joy. Every. Single. Day. Forever.

 xoxo, k

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