find your people

Here we are, a couple of weeks shy of the first anniversary of the day everything changed, and we are finding our people. It’s been a slow process, one that has also been pretty difficult if I’m being honest. After all of the losses, our first instinct was to put up some pretty high walls around our giant little family. We both realized that isolating ourselves wouldn’t be in the best interest of us or our kids, so we pushed through; we found a little band of people who loved us and loved our kids well. We had family dinners and kitchen dance parties, and our people showed up to support and love us over and over.


I’ll never get tired of seeing the way our kids’ eyes light up and smiles spread across their faces when our people are here. The love they feel is genuine, the joy palpable.


Over the last week or so it feels like we’ve turned a corner. The days have settled into an easy rhythm, school drop offs and afternoon activities feel like a routine now, weekend days are full of sleepy smiles. Laughter comes easily, and I can’t even describe how my heart feels every night when we scrunch around the table for dinner together.


I wake up every day so grateful for this journey, and especially for the people traveling it with us. You know who you are, and I hope you know how much we ALL love you.
xoxo, k

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