a walk on the beach

If you’ve asked us how we fell in love, you’ve likely heard either of us talk about the moment that door opened. It was magic. And you’ve maybe heard about the night we danced. And if you were still listening after that you probably heard about our sunrise walk on the beach…

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We danced all night, and then went back to our little air bnb and decided to be really okay with being in love. And because I am a really terrible sleeper, I was awake before the sunrise, mostly marveling at her and aching for her to wake up with me (god I love waking up with her more than anything in the world). She did finally, possibly at my nudging;) And I asked her to walk the little three minute walk to the beach with me and watch the sunrise.

I knew we needed some time to revel and a little more time to marvel, and honestly I just couldn’t imagine not walking on the beach at sunrise with her. We giggled because it was a little insane to be up at 4am after such a late night. And then we tried to work out how to get out of the little place we were staying in without waking our roommate who’d made it pretty clear she was here this weekend to get plenty of rest.

We decided we’d climb out the window. So we did. We walked and we held hands and watched the sunrise and soaked up every minute of bliss with our toes in the sand and our heads in the clouds.

And then we climbed back in. And there are plenty of big beautiful words I could string together for all that morning held for both of us, but mostly I just wanted to post this gif of my gorgeous wife climbing back in a window. You’re welcome.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And happy 23rd, Love.



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