Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
when God formed me
in my mother’s womb She knew
that my heart would fall
for a heart like Hers
that i would crave the warmth
and safety of a woman’s arms

not by accident but by design
that the curve of our hips match
and we fit all the ways
not some afterthought that
she’ll never hurt me like he did
and i’ll never let anyone hurt her again

so if you believe the God that
set the stars in the sky
is all knowing and all powerful
don’t tell me this wasn’t
Their plan all along
that i would bear these babies
and run to someone who knew
the weight of all the world
on her shoulders too

someone who knew well
the job of tending wounds
who knew too well the wounds i had
carried her own matching scars
fought the same shame and won

tell me the Love we have
the Love so many of us have
is wrong and i’ll call you a liar
a heretic because
Jesus didn’t die on a cross
for you to stand in the way
of my healing or anyone else’s



Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

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