these days haven’t been the easiest,
full of all the hard things
stacking up – one on top of another –
until the stack is so high
and so heavy
it starts to feel suffocating,
like even taking a breath
is too much to ask.

but then
you take my face in your hands
and kiss my forehead
and remind me,
“we’re okay.”
and there is space,
(and grace)
to come undone a little
(or maybe a lot).
to breathe deep
and be held
in the knowing
and the seeing
and the staying.

nobody’s leaving,
and i’ve never believed that more
than when your hands
cradle my face
and wipe away my tears,
each touch reminding me
that all the hard todays
will soon be yesterdays,
and they don’t have to be
lonely or scary or too much
ever again.

xoxo, k

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