almost a year


Tomorrow marks one year since I fell in love with this face on a beach in North Carolina. And it feels like a lifetime and it feels like no time at all. It feels like there aren’t enough words for how much I love her, not enough thank yous for all she’s done. It feels like my heart is healing like I never knew it could, like I’m washed clean wave after wave when she looks at me, like her hands are the only hands I’ve ever known. It feels like she’s been my wife forever, like she’s been mine forever. Like warm sun on a cold day and summer rain and a soft powdery snow.

It feels like home and all the love we ever needed. Now, a year later, even more than it did in that moment.

I think if you’d told either of us that all the love we felt in the beginning was a tiny little seed we’d have called you crazy because it felt as big as the ocean we were standing in front of.

But it’s true, every morning I wake up to her sleepy face I’m filled with more gratefulness and wonder. And every time she looks at me I feel a little bit closer to heaven, a little bit closer to the God who made us and gave us to each other. I guess that’s what love’s supposed to do, and maybe I always knew that but gosh it’s never been like this.


I whisper it at night not nearly often enough, it’s worth shouting from the rooftops for sure but, “thank you God that we get to love each other this way”. Amen.
xoxo, k

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