sweet 16

(edited to add: i know it’s the 24th now…we have a million kids and there aren’t enough hours in the day.)

today is the 16th 23rd since last march when the door opened and everything flipped upside down (or was it right side up?). it feels impossible that it was so many months ago because i remember it like it was yesterday, but also 16 months sounds impossibly short because i can barely remember a day i didn’t wake up completely in awe of her (there’s really nothing i love more than waking up next to her except maybe going to sleep with her) and this life we get to live.

i have all the words and all the feelings about all the things, but it’s monday and i’m tired and hungry, so here’s a picture and some links to previous 23rd posts:

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

the 6th

the 11th

the 11th, part 2

the 12th

the 12th, part 2

xoxo, k

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