i don’t know when it happened. i don’t know what caused it. did it happen fast or slow? i don’t know. i didn’t even really know that it needed to happen. but it did, and it has, and i’m so grateful.

i’ve spent the last seventeen months feeling so conflicted…completely in love and so happy, safe and healthy and warm…but also pretty heartbroken and confused, and if i’m honest really, really angry.

in the last couple of weeks though, there’s been a definite shift. like i finally gave myself permission to lay all the bullshit down…to stop carrying the weight of everybody else’s decisions…quit wishing that they would choose differently.

and it has been so freeing.

i feel lighter…happier…and life seems simpler, with time to focus on all the good stuff.

{i feel so good that i ate three handfuls of peanut m&ms a few nights ago without even worrying about the calories. (full disclosure – we joined a gym the very next day.)}

moral of the story: you don’t have to carry the weight of other people’s decisions. lay that shit down; it’s too heavy and it’s not even your burden to carry. let people be responsible for their own choices and you do you.

secondary moral of the story: always dance in your kitchen while the pancakes are cooking.

xoxo, k

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