just a note…

…to say that life is so good i don’t even have words. which, i guess, explains the quiet around here. the day-to-day getting kids where they need to be, shuffling doctor’s appointments, making christmas lists, figuring out holiday schedules, planning time with friends, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry folding (there’s SO MUCH LAUNDRY)…it’s exhausting in the best ways. even on the hard days, getting to fall into bed every night with her is the sweetest reminder that this life is so good, so worth all the hard parts. it’s crazy and chaotic and amazing…and gosh, i feel so lucky that we get to do it all together.

i’ll take this life and this chaos and this messy house full of laundry and an inexplicable number of lost socks with her always forever no matter what.

xoxo, k

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