adios, 2019!

2019 was a year of big change for us. new companies, new roles, new house, new pet (hi, dolly pawton!), new friends, new experiences…and with all the new came a lot of joy, some sadness, and more adjustment than we were ready for. it was basically a year spent trying to keep all the plates spinning while we balanced on one foot on a tightrope…oh, and everything was on fire.

to say that we were happy to close the book on 2019 would be an understatement.

but…i am so proud of my wife for the way she navigated last year’s changes. she took a leap to do what she loves, and it has been such an honor to watch her succeed and learn and grow. some days i know she questioned it (today might even be one of those days!), but i have no doubt that she’s doing exactly what she was made to do. aside from feeding people incredible food, she is doing so much more. she’s teaching our kids that they can do and be anything if they’re willing to work hard and never give up; she is loving people in a really tangible (delicious) way; she is learning new things everyday and soaking up every bit of it; she is pushing herself, sometimes to the brink of exhaustion, to accomplish goals, showing all of us that hard work pays off and we can do more than we think; she is taking care of our family in ways she doesn’t even realize; but mostly she is proving that food really is love, that it has the power to nourish, transform, encourage, support, and enlighten people and communities.

watching her has been incredible.

making it through to 2020 feels like quite the accomplishment, and we are ready to settle in to our new normal. we’ve put down some of the plates and stepped off the tightrope, and we’re ready for a breather…at least for a little while. who knows what 2020 will bring – maybe its own host of plates to spin or a brand new tightrope to balance on. it doesn’t really matter, because whatever it is we will figure it out together.

doing life with her is my favorite, even when it’s hard.

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xoxo, k