hi there. we’re amber and kara…sometimes our kids (there are eight of them…yes, eight) call us “kamber,” which is basically the cutest thing ever.

we met in february 2008 at a mutual friend’s 30th birthday beach weekend, and managed to keep up with each other’s lives through social media, text messages, phone conversations, and really infrequent visits. i think we both would have counted each other as a friend, but we certainly weren’t the kind of friends who talked on the phone every day or every week or even every month.

in the years that followed that first beach weekend, we had three babies, one divorce, and a million other things that prepared our hearts for the next time we would be on a north carolina beach together.

fast forward to march 2017…we had planned another beach weekend with the same friend. all three of us were in hard places and needed a break from the real world to rest and recharge. amber opened the door and nothing’s been the same since. we found the loves of our lives, lost friends and family, and combined our two families to make the giant little family you’ll get to meet here.

this space is a work in progress, but we’re glad you’re here. we’re still figuring things out as we go, and some days are hard, but we’re together and that’s enough.